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Privacy & Refund Policy

Refund Policy
W@aterocoler offers our services for purchase with no up-front commitment and a straightforward refund policy. While you may cancel your membership or al la carte services at any time, we will not refund any unused portion of the service(s) you purchased. Full-time members are required to give a 30-day notice if planning to end their membership, and desk and conference room bookings require a 24-hour cancellation. More detailed information can be found in our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy
In order to ensure that the security of customer data is maintained, all purchased and financial exchanges on behalf of W@tercooler are processed through who has a direct relationship with our member management and billing provider, Cobot. All financial and contact information for and about our members is secure, private and remains confidential at all times.

W@tercooler guarantees its members that we will never sell information about your participation in the Services to any other third parties. Additionally, W@tercooler shall not publish your name in a public member directory without your explicit permission to do so. Permission to publish your name shall be asked during the registration process for the Services and your preference shall be preserved by W@tercooler.  If you wish to change your preference you may notify us at any time of your preference change and we shall modify your preference and add or remove your inclusion in the member directory within 48 hours.

W@tercooler reserves the right to:

Selectively post or remove information or materials from the member directory or other web site presence it maintains;  

Disclose information about your use of the Services to satisfy applicable legal, regulation, or governmental requests.  

For any matters relating to our Terms of Use or Member Agreement, please call us or email us at any time, or visit us during standard business hours at 21 North Broadway, Tarrytown, NY.  


Terms of Service

Applicant (User) and Westchester Watercooler, LLC (W@tercooler) agree to the following terms of service:

Provision of Services:

W@tercooler will provide User with access to W@tercooler’s shared work space as a member, on the membership basis selected by User on User’s Application, on the following terms and conditions.


User will pay W@tercooler the monthly fees as posted from time to time on W@tercooler’s website (or at the rate agreed for Users who have locked in rates for a period of time) for the membership category which User has selected. Further, User will pay W@tercooler for all additional products and services used by User which are not included within a membership payment, at the rate posted from time to time on W@tercooler’s website. Except for rates locked in by agreement, W@tercooler reserves the right to change rates from time to time, and such changes shall take effect when posted to W@tercooler’s website, and without further notice to User.


User will supply W@tercooler with a valid credit card number and any other information necessary to obtain payment from a major credit card company for all items used by User, unless an other means of payment is agreed to by User and W@tercooler. User agrees that W@tercooler shall bill all fees and charges to User’s credit card, and that User will ensure that W@tercooler has valid credit card information at all times. User understands that credit cards will be billed for membership fees in advance and then on the same day of each following month and for all the other charges in arrears within the first ten days of the following monthly cycle.

Proprietary Information:

User will provide for the protection of its own proprietary information at User’s sole risk. User will respect and observe the privacy and proprietary information rights of all other members or others using the Space.

Indemnity / Insurance:

User is responsible for all damages or losses suffered by User in the course of using W@tercooler, and User waives all claims against W@tercooler, or its agents, servants, employees, or other associated persons, arising out of User’s presence at the Space or any acts or omissions of User or its agents, servants, employees, or other associated persons. User recognizes the need for User to have appropriate liability, health, and other insurance to protect User, and agrees that User will look solely to its own insurance and its own resources in regard to any injuries or damages incurred at the center or arising out of this contract or User’s activities or use of the Space’s facilities. User will defend, indemnify and hold W@tercooler, its agents, and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, losses, liability, obligations, fines, penalties, costs and expenses including legal fees and expenses, which arise from the rendering of services hereunder except to the extent any such matters arise from Satellite’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Personal Property:

User brings or leaves personal property at the Space at User’s sole risk and responsibility. User releases W@tercooler from any claims of whatever kind or nature relating to lost or stolen property, or otherwise arising from damage to User’s personal property, including any computer used by User.
User will reimburse W@tercooler for the cost of repairs and down-time caused by any damage to the Space or W@tercooler’s facilities or property caused by User or any guests or licensees of User.
User will not under any circumstances remove or allow removal of any W@tercooler property from the Space, and will reimburse W@tercooler for the new repurchase cost of any items removed. 

Respect for Laws:

In all matters relating to use of W@tercooler, including all use of computers and IT devices for accessing the Internet, User will strictly comply with all laws and act ethically and in good faith. Without limiting the generality of this rule, User specifically agrees not to use W@tercooler systems or Space to hack into or otherwise obtain unauthorized access to any other computer system, to download or otherwise obtain any copyrighted, trademarked, or trade secret information, to libel or slander any person, or otherwise cause harm, negligently or intentionally, to any person.


User may terminate this Agreement at any time on one month’s notice by notifying W@tercooler in writing. W@tercooler may terminate or temporarily suspend this Agreement at any time that User breaches this Agreement or W@tercooler User Rules, or if User’s credit card is refused, expires, or is revoked, if User acts in the W@tercooler Space in any way which is not in the best interests of W@tercooler or the other Users, or for any reason of incompatibility or other subjective reason in W@tercooler’s sole discretion. If W@tercooler terminates or suspends User’s privileges, it may do so by deactivating User’s membership without notice to user.


User confirms review of W@tercooler Member Handbook and agrees to be bound by its directives. Violation of the User Rules is ground for immediate termination or suspension of User privileges.

Assignment prohibited:

User may not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement under any circumstances. Use of a User key by any person other than the registered, contracted user is prohibited, and shall be cause for immediate termination.

Entire Agreement: 

This Agreement and the Member Handbook contain the entire agreement between the parties. There are no other agreements, promises, representations or understandings except those set forth herein. This Agreement supersedes all previous promises, representations and agreements. This Agreement may be modified or amended only in a writing signed by both parties.

Nature of Agreement; Relationship of the Parties:

User is granted rights solely as a licensee, and shall not be deemed to be a tenant, nor shall this agreement be deemed a rental agreement or lease. 

Attorney’s Fees:

In the event of any legal proceedings or arbitration arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the losing party all of prevailing party’s reasonable costs and expenses, including court costs and attorney’s fees. 


Use of the center for anything other than office and business uses is prohibited. In particular, no User may reside in the center at any time or for any period.



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